About us

About us

This story begins with the tragic and unexpected passing of one of the doyens of the Safari business, great friend to many and confident to some, Tony Tomkinson.

There is much to be said about his passion for Africa and his love of the outdoors and his passing left a void for many who shared this passion, ‘Leaderless’, as one of his great friends described it to me.

While it is impossible to replace Tony, it is our intention to offer the same personal and tailored experiences in Africa that were on offer before, filling this void and providing an option for many of you who may be wondering how and with whome you are going to return to this great continent of ours.

With Barbara on board we will be able to maintain that all important link to places and venues that so many of you have been to, as well as the personal connection to the Tomkinson’s.

The name of the new venture – Insingizi African Safaris is born from the Zulu name for the iconic bird the Ground Hornbill – Insingizi and it features in our new logo. It was also Tony’s Zulu nickname and hence its use in our new venture. The man lives on!

I look forward to divulging the story of how this came about to you in the future, around a campfire somewhere perhaps….

Born in England but raised in South Africa, Paul began developing his passions for outdoor pursuits, namely fishing and hunting, from an early age. In addition to this is his deep interest in military history, particularly South African military history that of the Second World War.

Completing high School and a two year period of National Service in the South African Defence Force as well as a general Diploma in Agriculture in 1991, he then travelled and worked in the UK and New Zealand before returning to South Africa in 1995
Licenced as a professional hunter since 1996, Paul has been guiding ever since and completed his Tour guide qualification in both History and Culture for the KwaZulu / Natal Province in 2002.

Fluent In three languages, with an in depth knowledge of both flora and fauna, geography and local customs and nearly 30 years in the Safari Industry, Paul Inman is well acquainted with many specialised venues and guides and well placed in the industry to help make your safari an unforgettable experience.

Our precious link to the inspiration for this venture, Tony. In a somewhat more retiring role but no less important, Barbara is always there to grace us with her presence and friendship as well as providing that all important continuity with concessions and venues, and of course her tremendous culinary prowess.

Guests clamour for the Recipe book she has been promising for years and keep returning to sit at her table. Employing both domestic and game meat with traditional ingredients and all prepared with a skill that comes from her sheer brilliance in the kitchens of the wilds, both bush cuisine or fine dining.
Always smiling always managing, she creates a safe, warm family ambience in camp and must be hailed as ‘best in her class!’