Hunting Safaris

Hunting Safaris

Insingizi African Safaris offers hunting in large free range conservation areas in South Africa that form part of on-going wildlife management programs. These areas encompass a wide range of habitats that support an impressive diversity of species – some 30 in total. We have become experts in piecing together your dream Safari so as to allow you to hunt in the best areas for particular species you are pursuing.

If this means two or three different areas then so be it!

Should you wish to venture further afield in Southern Africa we have built strong relationships with a number of excellent safari outfitters whose home bases and hunting concessions are in Namibia and Northern Mozambique.

All hunting is done by fair chase or ‘walk and stalk’ methods with all activities adhering strictly to the ‘Custodians of Professional Hunting & Conservation – South Africa. We are a member in good standing of this association whose mission is the protection, conservation and sustainable use of South Africa’s natural resources - through its focus on the promotion of ethical hunting throughout its hunting membership.


Our wonderfull concession here is situated in the heart of Namibia, in one of the biggest nearly untouched arid savannahs in the country, offering you stunning landscapes and views ideal for perfect sundowner and a fantastic climate for relaxation.

Due to the International Airport being situated directly next to the concession, the transfer only takes 10 minutes, thus saving you travelling time. This distance from/to the Airport does not cause any noise irritation.

The original concession is some 10000 hectares in extent, but is part of the 120000 hectares

Namatanga Conservancy. The entire area does not have any game-proofed fencing and vast herds of free-ranging game are found here. True free-range, fair chase hunting at its best. This region is known for beautiful Oryx, Hartebeest and Springbok and also Mountain Zebras.

Cheetah are also to be found here and the mountains surrounding the area also give shelter to Leopards and Kudu feeding in the tree lined kloofs.